Infiniti FX50S 2009

Infiniti FX50S 2009

Paudimodel-The first mass production of Infiniti FX50 in 1:18 scale die-cast model
1. Die cast in 1:18 scale
2. Four openable doors
3. Openable engine cover
4. Assemble shield over the engine
5. Foldable rear view mirrors
6. Openable sunroof, the inner plate can be slipped forward and backward
7. Foldable front seats
8. The steering wheel can drive the front wheels
9. Movable handbreak
10. The handrail of the back seat can be put up
11. Openable trunk
12. Openable spare trunk with the spare wheel
13. Openable fuel tank cover
14. Working suspension for wheels              


Product Origin: China
Model Number: 5501BR
Brand Name: Infiniti

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